The LCC Mobile App was designed based on the need for motorists to be able to top-up, check their balances and even register for new Toll Accounts or add new vehicles to their fleet.

Quick Pay

With this option you will be able to generate a code and pass the toll gate by just calling out your Code to the toll attendant.

Toll A/C Top-Up

The LCC Mobile App provides you with an instant top-up button. Meaning you can top-up even whhile on the que.

Balance Check

You can now quickly check your account balance before you set up to use the LCC tolls. Its easy and you can even check for a friend.


Transaction History

Whether its Top-Up, Balance Check or Quick Pay, you will always find the trasnaction history on the mobile App.

Codes dont Expire

After you generate a code, you will always find the code in the Menu of the App. Check for your codes and its status.

APIs Available

We have made the APIs available for everyone. Are you a developer or/and a business? you can always integrate our APIs.


Register your vehicles or add to your Fleet

You can now register your vehicle from the LCC Mobile App and track collect your E-Tags and Swift cards at the nearest LCC Plaza office or designated locations around Lagos. You can alos just add to your fleet if you have already registered your first car.

New Registration

You can not register a new car and get a New E-tag and Swift card to enable you pass the Toll plazas.

Link Your Car

You can easily link your car and E-Tag to your LCC Mobile App once you link and verify the exact phonen number on file.

Add a car to your fleet

No need to register a new Toll Account if you already have one. just add the new cars to your account on the App.

Register any vehicle

Whether its a Sedan, Sports Utility Vehicle, a Truck or Bus, you can register any type of vehicle from the LCC Mobile App.

Get a Tow truck

Request a tow truck from the new LCC Mobile App to help you get back home or at the least move out of the way to safty.

Rate our Staff

With your help we can better understand with our new staff rating and complaint feature. Just let us know and we promise to imnprove.

Contact US Form

From the App you can contact us and we are sure to get back to you. Let us know how to imporve and if you need anything we are now just a call away.

Did you witness an accident?

With the new report an accident feature, you can take a photo, uplaod on the app and report any incident or even an accident and we are sure to respond immediately.

Reporting and Rating

We have included all forms of reporting and rating. This is to enable us as LCC service you better. On the App you will find various help, complaint form, even a tow truck can be ordered from the App. Help us report incedents or accidents as we need your eyes to help us beter serve you.


Download The LCC Mobile App

Enjoy the convenience of having the Toll and other emergency features at the palm of your hands. Please do leave a comment and rate us to help us improve.